Website & Social Media Setup Service for Musicians

You need a website and social media places setup in order to stay active. This will help you get new fans and keep them updated. As an addition it is highly recommended that you also setup an email newsletter so you can send band or album updates as it happens. Here are the services that I offer for music professionals:

Website Setup & Branding Service

I help setting up simple yet professional design websites; I also help with designing the brand image, logo & graphics. My designers can create a high quality professional logo for your brand or re-invent the current brand. Your website will be equipped with blog, guestbook, contact form, social media, SEO & social promotion tools.

Facebook Fan Page & Profile Page Setup Service

Almost everyone you know and they know are using facebook. You have to rip the benefit of this social media giant to reach new fans for your music. Me and my team help with setting up professional facebook pages, profiles with custom pages, videos and a whole lot more!

Twitter Background Design Service

Custom twitter background makes your music brand stand out. A well design twitter background makes your fans to follow you and retweet your posts. I will help you with a custom designed, branded twitter background that you will be proud of.

YouTube Channel Page Design Service

Youtube is a must have if you are serious with your music. I will help you create a custom designed home for your youtube channel, add logos, background and give it a branded feel. This will increase the subscriber rate and your fans will like you more.

Google Plus Business Page Setup Service

Google plus is the new thing in social media. Not too much people know about this so it is the right time for you to get on the boat and have your own band or album page setup over there. Google plus has an advantage, your fans automatically see that page in their suggestions and they add it to their circles.

Email Newsletter Design Service

A custom tailored newsletter form and template will just blow your fans away! It will give them the professional feel. They will love to forward the message to their fans and so on. A branded newsletter makes your fans never forget about you, so this is must in your email marketing campaign.