How to Stay Original and Unique When More and More SEO Consultants Are Popping Up?

How to Stay Original and Unique When More and More SEO Consultants Are Popping Up?Before I discuss further, I want to let you know that I myself has popped up in this market recently. So for the ever-growing internet and online businesses it’s a good sign that more people are entering into the field.

SEO is a demanding market and more and more local and small business owners need to achieve the best scores in search engines. Now as many people are starting out, how can you stay original and still compete with others? In this article I would like to share my own view for this.

Have a Great Personality

You are selling yourself as a search engine expert. You will sell only when you can sell yourself. Have your personality reflect on your action. The way you write blog posts, comments and tweet, it will show your network what the kind of person you are.

It’s I, Not We

Most often it is you the one person behind your business so don’t try to be a company and a team if you don’t have one. Instead use “I” as it’s easier to connect to a single person than a whole team. I have used “WE” in many businesses and finally found that being I is better and trustworthy than being a business identity.

Keep Your Skills Up-to Date

As an SEO you have to keep up with the industry or else you have less chance to succeed. Read the leading search engine blogs like Search Engine Land, SEOMoz and SEOBook to stay current. Also share these posts within your social media circle.

Try To Be Unique

You can do it better than someone else, be unique on the concept, with your website and the approach. For an example what do you think about my site? It’s a celebrity themed website and I call myself as The Manager. I believe that these small tweaks will play a major role in the future when my client is about to make a decision.

Add Up Great Content

As you know search engines like fresh content, so you have to display your expertise with great content. Write quality blog articles, educate your readers and then network with them further. If possible, add videos and podcast within your site. Write whitepapers, ebooks and give away for free. Offer a newsletter or some auto responder system.

I hope these tips will help you stand out and secure more clients as an SEO. If you like this post, then please give it a share and comment on this.


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