Search Engine Marketing Service for Music Pros

Celebrity SEO provides search engine marketing service for musicians to help with their music promotion. This covers search engine optimization and other online marketing tools. Below is a list of my services and a small description attached to each:

Search Engine Marketing Service, SEO & Online Marketing

Search Engine Marketing ServiceDoes another website come up top when people search for your name? I will help you be on top of google for your name. Do you have a very common name like “John Smith”? It doesn’t matters; my marketing skills will out rank all other John Smiths and put you on as high as possible. Don’t let a third party blog or a fan-site to occupy your position.

Capturing Your Name Domain & Profile Verification Service

Are you stressed out because your name has been captured by someone else? Is someone else is faking your identity and misleading your fans? Let me handle it for you. Me and my network of social media authorities will help you secure your name from the internet and punish the imposter. I will also help you out rank other fan created websites or social groups and establish yours as the only official resource.

Online Reputation Management, Training & Consultation

Are you having a hard time dealing with haters and online bullies? I will help you clear of the clutter so people see only the great results about you. I will help you build a positive reputation for you online, eliminate the misleading results and try to turn haters into supporters. I will also teach you how to manage your online identity and consult with you.

Get Your Studio Listed On Maps

Do you have a physical office/studio? You have to be on maps. Maps don’t just give office locations; they change the game when it comes to acquiring new leads. I will help you setup your business listing on google maps, bing local, mapquest, yelp and many other popular web directories. I will also help you learn how to get better reviews for your office, this helps you position well in organic search listings.

Wikipedia, IMDb & Other Public Domain Writing & Optimization Service

Wiki sites, IMDb and other industry related directories are the first resource pages people go to look for information about you. I will help you keep your listings up to date with important information, photos and make sure they are not filled up with misleading data. I will also help you to get listed on other important industry directories and keep them up to dated.

SEO & search engine marketing service for industry professionals,