Internet Marketing Training & Coaching for Music Professionals

Allow me to help you learn and understand how the internet works. You can find an internet connection anywhere, even in your phone so you can work on your music promotion wherever you are. I will teach you how to setup websites for your album, how to do online marketing, how to engage with your fans and how to multiply your reach.

What do you learn?

You will learn marketing techniques for your music, free and paid promotion strategies, writing, blogging and community building. It’s not that hard, it just needs a little extra time. I will share a set of handy tools which will make your online marketing life a lot easier. You will learn how you can connect your twitter with facebook, with your website and vice versa. I will also teach you how you can interact with your fans and how you can let them promote your stuff.

social media music promotion for artists

How do you learn?

I will teach you through skype video call & screen sharing technology. It is fast, cheap and we can be in different places of the world and still get together. We go with this by hour. I will send you notes and homework that you will practice in your freetime and in the next session we will continue from there.

Install skype on your computer here (Free) and let us setup your free half an hour class. Setup an appointment through Tungle.

Free resources

You can always read my blog to self learn the tips. I will be adding fresh new content, tips & resources as I go on. I suggest you to subscribe to my blog feed using email, check the form below: