Feed the Search Engines Using FeedBurner

Feed the Search Engines Using FeedBurnerFeedburner is a google owned service that converts blog posts into universal RSS format. It’s free and it’s a must have when you are creating content for SEO. PS: Feedburner only works with blog articles, not with static pages. In this post I will write about feedburner RSS service and how it can feed the search engines for SEO.

Getting Started On Google Feedburner

Sign up for a free account and put your URL to burn your feed. You will get an URL to your feed that looks like this: http://feeds.feedburner.com/celebrityseo this is the one address you need when you will be marketing your feed (later)

Feedburner does its part nicely and you don’t have to do anything else. What it does, it has list of RSS directories and when every time you write a blog post, it will syndicate the content across multiple destination. Since its format is universal, website platforms, mobile devices and e-readers can easily display your content.

A Few Optimizations for Feedburner

A Few Optimizations for FeedburnerGo to your feed management panel and click on the optimization tab. Now one by one activate the options:

  • Browser friendly: This makes your feed compatible with many browsers.
  • Smart cast: If you are pod casting, this one is for you.
  • Smart feed: Ensure maximum compatibility.
  • Feed flare: This allows you to add sharing buttons in your feed.

Go to “Publicize” tab and you can see a few more options:

  • Buzz boost: You can create a widget with showing latest posts from your feed.
  • Email subscriptions
  • Ping shot: Ping directories when you post.
  • Socialize: You can add a twitter account that will tweet about your latest blog entry.
  • And some more other options.

Feedburner for Your Website SEO

With feedburner you can easily put your feed on different dynamic directories. You can create a widget or even a blog that will publish your posts from the RSS. You can put the feed on facebook to publish notes from it. You can create a mobile website from your web feed. You can also use it to ping your website.

Let me know what you think about using feedburner for your website in the comment section, thank you!



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