Domain Age Is an Important Factor in SEO

Domain Age Is an Important Factor in SEODomain age simply refers to how long the domain name has been registered. As you all know there are many factors that affect the ranking of a website, among them domain age is very important. Google and other search engines simply favor domains that are registered for a long time, have a good background and delivering content and links for a long time.

Everyday lots of domains are being registered, this means more competition, but you can have an advantage by having an aged domain name.

But How Can I Get An Aged Domain Name?

There are people who have aged domain names who would like to sell them. Sites like Flippa and Sedo are marketplaces selling aged domains. So you don’t have to start from zero instead you can start with name that already has a history.

Old Domain Is Trust Worthy

To the search engines, old domains are precious because they give an indication that this is not a spam site and holds some value.

They Might Have Some Backlinks

The previous owner of the site must have built some links and have promoted the site. Links don’t die on the internet so having an old domain will help you get some instant links built in.

Trusted By Your Customers

Some of the technology conscious clients will check your website details and check your domain age. This is the only way to know how old the site is and when it’s registered. If they see a new site they may not get interested in doing business with you. On the flip side, having an old domain will give the impression “Yes they are here for a long time”

Some Domains May Have a Dark History

Some Domains May Have a Dark HistoryIt’s not always a good thing to buy an old domain. Some domain names may have a bad history. Before you invest your money for purchasing the domain, invest some time to find out what the domain served before. Was there a site?

Register For Longer Period

Google does not like spammy sites. People register a domain and build content spam. You can register your domain for more than 1 year and give an indication to google that this site is going to stay, for longer.

It’s Okay to Start from Zero

Don’t sweat about the domain age thing you can always register a brand new domain and start your business. Your domain age is the proof of how long you are in this business. As time passes your domain will grow older.


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