5 Ways Celebrities Can Benefit From SEO

The new technology is changing the way people connect and do business. Now days it’s essential for everyday people and even for celebrities to use the internet and get more visibility. By implementing some web marketing and SEO tactics you can stand out from your competition and stay ahead. In this article I will write about the ways which celebrities can benefit from SEO.

1. Have a Website Setup

This is a must have when you are looking for a way to connect with your fans and the same way let the casting agencies find you. Register your name and setup a website. Put your photo, resume and some work related info over there. Put a contact form or a way to contact you or your manager. This will keep you ahead of 90% of other celebrities who don’t even have their own websites. Having a website will make it easy to find you. It doesn’t cost must to have a website setup, with a rough $500-$1,000 you can have your website up and running in no time.

2. Setup Social Media Profiles and Link Back To Your Website

This is crucial in the new media, you must employ social media for your marketing and for SEO value link to your website. For starters, start with twitter and then facebook. Go ahead and try a different social media accounts and see how each of them work. Once you find your favorite social media profile, use it regularly to connect with your fans. Because you are linking back to your official website, you are doing SEO for your online home.

3. Link from Wiki and Movie Sites

Link from Wiki and Movie SitesIf you have a Wikipedia page, then link back to your website. Add a good photo on your wiki page if there isn’t a good one already. The same way if you are appearing on movie sites like IMDB, do the same and link back to your own website. Add a biography at your website and then the people from wiki sites will take info from your site and put it on your page.

4. Ask Your Fans to Link Back to Your Site

It’s a great way to get lots of backlinks to your website. Just ask for some link juice. Most people now days have websites and personal blogs. You can generously ask for a linkback to your site. This will help you achieve in top positions for your brand image. Your fans will link to your website naturally in most cases but if they don’t know how to do it, then start educating them.

5. Promote Your Fan Sites

Many of your fans will create fan sites of you. A good strategy here is to connect with the webmaster and help them out with tips, suggestions, news and ways to improve the website. This is because the better they do you will rise on top. Ask them to link back to your official website. Tell your fanbase about the fansite and ask them to participate in it.

I hope these tips will help secure more fans and opportunities to your career. For any feedback, feel free to drop a comment here or contact Celebrity SEO, thanks!


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