Adding Valuable Content Is the Way to Go In SEO

Adding Valuable Content Is the Way to Go In SEOAdding valuable content to your website has no alternative when it comes to SEOing your website. Google and other search engines like to eat pages. The more pages you have in your website the better chance you get in securing multiple search rankings. Most people do this wrong when it comes to adding pages.

I have worked with clients who add a gigantic list of pages. They categorize their services into 5-6 level sub pages. It then creates a burden to fill up those pages with content. The best way to go is to limit your main pages within 5-10. The less is better. Then you must be saying “isn’t adding more pages good for SEO?” Yes it its, but you can add more pages with blog articles.

Create a blog section of your website and start writing all about different tips and strategies related to your service/products. Here many companies would write their company related news, but frankly speaking no one really cares about your business. Instead write about tips and ‘how to’ guides. Solve a problem.

The more you write, the more pages you are adding and that gives you better chance of appearing on different long tail results. Here are few tips that you can use to write your blog:

Add Content for Newbies

Add content for the newbiesEveryone is a beginner at some level and you have to target these people. Write about the things that you learned yourself. Write about tips, mistakes to avoid and helpful tutorials. People who are getting started will love it and would like to hire you.

Create a List Post

List posts like 10 tips of doing this, 7 steps to, 101 tips go very well on the internet. Have 5 things to do in mind, 10 is better and 100 is a viral. These types of list posts attract readers and social media traffic. Users also love to share these types of posts.

Write a News Article

Write a News Article for SEOGot news about your industry? Write about it and show your view on this. Don’t just copy the exact news release, add a personal touch on it and present it from a different angle. News articles get more views and links, especially when they are hot.

Write Timeless Content

Timeless content are easy to write. If you are writing about guides and tips, it will be read forever. Since you will be in the business for a long time, your blog articles will send you visitors for years to come.

Mix With Media

People love media rich posts. Add video and images on your blog articles, let them interact with it. Add comments section in your blog so other can leave a feedback. Add social sharing buttons so people can share it on their profiles. Have the option for people to comment using their facebook account.

Content is a major SEO driver. If you write solely for your audience, you will get a good return. Please feel free to drop your comment on this post.



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