Picture 1Hi my name is Tamal and I am the man behind Celebrity SEO. I am a blogger, web designer, entrepreneur, internet marketer and a fun loving guy. I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh and I work from home.

I have created many businesses both offline and online. Some of my work that I am well known for are:

  1. Tomart with Maya (Design & handicrafts)
  2. BlogKori (Learn how to blog)
  3. TTD.bz (WordPress thesis design service)
  4. SevenBranding (Design & branding)

I am always in the mood for doing new things and learning more stuff. I don’t want to stop. Many of my close friends and even my brother has a dream to be a musician. I realized that I have a marketing talent that can be used for music publicity.

With the help of the internet, social media and search engine marketing I can help music artists to gain fame. Stick around and send me a line when you want to know something!