January 18, 2012 by Tamal in Music Marketing

The Easiest Way to Sell Your Music on iTunes

Hi fellow musicians, you must be thinking of selling your music online and by online we get iTunes in mind, and why not? 70-80% of the online music distribution is in Apple iTunes pocket. They have devices that make it easy for people to purchase music on the go. iPod,

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January 17, 2012 by Tamal in Music Promotion

How to Promote Your Music on MySpace – Killer Tips!

MySpace has seen a lot of ups and down in the facebook revolution. This social media website is now targeting the music enthusiasts, which is a good thing for new musicians. You can now use myspace for your music promotion. This article will teach you how to promote your music

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January 07, 2012 by Tamal in Music Marketing

How Do You Make Music That Everybody Likes?

As a singer your music is the only thing that will keep you ahead of your competition and make people like your work. You must make music that everyone will listen and pass it on. You have to put your music on their phones, ipods and computer and on their

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January 06, 2012 by Tamal in Music Promotion

10 Ways to Promote Music Shows

Now you are finally up for your concert, the venue is set and the booking is done now how you should promote the music show? Here I am going to write about 10 ways to promote music shows so pay attention. The actual playing in the concert is not a

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January 05, 2012 by Tamal in Music Promotion

101 Ways How to Promote Your Band

So you are serious on getting fame as a musician? Are you determined to do whatever it takes to get a life of your dream? Here I have put together 101 ways how to promote your band. I have put together this list and put serious band promotional tips, nothing

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January 04, 2012 by Tamal in Music Promotion

How to Promote Your Music in the Street?

Promoting your music in the street is a daring task, especially in a public place with strangers around you. It’s not an easy task but if you really want to have success you have to do it! Musicians are good at performing in their home, practice pads and in the

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