The Easiest Way to Sell Your Music on iTunes

Hi fellow musicians, you must be thinking of selling your music online and by online we get iTunes in mind, and why not? 70-80% of the online music distribution is in Apple iTunes pocket. They have devices that make it easy for people to purchase music on the go. iPod, iPhone, iPad and Macbooks –millions of devices that can access the iTunes music store and that means your music can be distributed internationally. Now you must be thinking what is the easiest way to sell my music on iTunes?

Sell Your Music on iTunes

If you are signed up by a major record company, say you are Justin Bieber –hey go and chill! Your music is already in the iTunes music store, you have to do nothing! But majority of musicians are not signed with a record company and what about indie musicians? Can they sell their music on iTunes? Let’s see what are the requirements of Apple iTunes:

Music Requirements:

  1. At least 20 albums in your music catalog.
  2. UPCs/EANs/JANs for all songs/albums you intend to distribute.
  3. ISRCs for all tracks you intend to distribute.

The Easiest Way to Sell Your Music on iTunes

Duh! Most probably you don’t have 20 albums and what the heck is an UPC/EAN and ISRC? And how do I get one? Good news for you, there is an alternative way to deal with this and sell your music on iTunes. Use a listed music aggregator. One of the original music distributors is CDBaby. They put your album for sale online, you can also sell your single songs and they will put it on iTunes within 48 hours. What they do is, they will upload your music and assign UPC (barcode) number for each of your singles/albums.

The pricing structure is a onetime fee of $59 per album, $14.95 per single. I like CD baby because this is a company founded by Derek Sivers my business role model, they are one of the first in this business and it’s a onetime fee. Some distributors charge a monthly or yearly fee which is not recommended for new artists.

Within CDBaby you set your own price for your album and they charge a flat fee for each product you sell. In iTunes you get to sell your singles for 99 cents a song and you get roughly 91% net of per song. That’s about 60 cents per song and $6.50 per album.

The Benefits of Selling Your Song on iTunes

Access millions of mobile devices: Millions (if not billions) of iDevices have iTunes on it and they can access your music on the go. Since they cover 70-80% of digital music, you are reaching the mass audience here.

Selling on iTunes is cool: Just think how cool it will be when you will tell your friends that your music is available at iTunes? They will get excited to hear this. It’s a standard in selling your indie music.

Earn royalties: Not to mention with each song you sell you will make a small percentage and that will add up to the bottom line. It won’t be something to make you rich but it is something to keep you going.

Reach international audience: Using iTunes you can reach audience throughout the world. Sell your music to the global listeners of your music. By selling on apple store you will have this chance, you won’t get it from anywhere else.

Alternative Digital Music Distributors You Can Use:

  1. TuneCore
  2. MusicAdium
  3. NimBit
  4. ReverbNation
  5. SongCast
  6. The Orchard

PS: Don’t use multiple distributors. Such as if you use both CDBaby and TuneCore. You will have the same song/album with 2 different barcode numbers. They will both submit to iTunes and other similar stores. As a matter of fact both versions of the same content will be removed. So this is why when you decide to distribute your song, use any one of the above mentioned 7 providers.

So that was the easiest way to sell your music on iTunes. Get it going, submit your song and get your music up on iTunes. Do let me know if you have any more ideas/ways to sell song on iTunes, did I miss anything? Please leave it on the comments.


How to Promote Your Music on MySpace – Killer Tips!

MySpace has seen a lot of ups and down in the facebook revolution. This social media website is now targeting the music enthusiasts, which is a good thing for new musicians. You can now use myspace for your music promotion. This article will teach you how to promote your music on MySpace.

MySpace Music is the place for the indie musicians to be and promote their music online. You can do a lot of things that we cannot do with any other social media networks. So if you are in music and want to develop a successful career; then read further:

Promote Your Music on MySpace

Sign Up For MySpace as a Musician

When you sign up for a new account just go ahead and select your role as a musician. If you are already signed up for an account, just go under settings, account type and choose your role. When you sign up as a musician, you get the chance to upload your album tracks which your friends can listen to. You can create a music radio under your myspace account with your singles. You can also submit your artist profile to the musician directory in the site.

Sync Your Facebook Profile

You must have a facebook profile. Sync it with your myspace account. If you sign up using your facebook account, then it happens automatically. What it does, it selects your music preference from your facebook profile. It’s good actually and puts these choices in your new myspace profile. Almost every major single and artist is in myspace directory and they take one step further by putting their singles on your profile. This way, both you and your friends can listen to your favorite music.

Stay Active on MySpace

It is all about how actively you are using myspace. Post your updates, share your favorite music, post videos and your music.  Share useful links that interest you. Go through other peoples profiles, comment on them and add these people as your friend. The more you connect, the bigger your network grows. Using myspace you can connect with the right audience, the people who make music and the people who listen to music.

Upload Your Music on MySpace

Post your songs on your profile. This is a great way to spread your music through the internet. After you upload it, your friends can listen directly from there. This is good for music promotion. The more people hearing your music, the more you can spread it and the more fans you get. Don’t worry about music piracy and all those things, in the beginning you want to make many people hear your tunes.

Share Your Profile Address across Other Networks

You will get a custom URL for your profile. Such as I have one: -you can set one for yourself by going to the account settings page. Now having a memorable username, you can direct your friends and fans to this profile page. It will be easy for you to promote it. Also put this address on your facebook, twitter, youtube, website and any other place you can.

I hope this article on how to promote your music on myspace was well worth of your time. Do let me know if you are on the network and how you are promoting yourself as a musician.

How Do You Make Music That Everybody Likes?

As a singer your music is the only thing that will keep you ahead of your competition and make people like your work. You must make music that everyone will listen and pass it on. You have to put your music on their phones, ipods and computer and on their internet pages. Here in this post I will write about some ways you can make better music.

It is not a hard thing to make good music; some people have natural talent in music making. Some artists can write better lyrics. As a musician you must develop your skill as an instrument player, vocal and making better rhymes. Identify on what you are good at and taking from there. Keep practicing and you will see success.

Make Music That Everybody Likes

Listen To Popular Songs

You have to keep listening to other music and especially the popular ones. You have to identify a pattern of how one sings, how the song gets popular, how it rhymes. Songs get popular for no reason but every hit song has all the ingredients that a hit number should have. Listen everyday and learn how they have pull it together, keep experimenting.

Keep Writing New Songs Everyday

Think it like this, if you write one song every day, you will be able to write 30 songs a month, 365 songs a year. Okay let’s get realistic, you cannot just write a song everyday and you also need some break. So 300 songs a year isn’t a bad thing after all. 200 is nice, 100 is okay too. But think if you write 100 new songs a year, and out of them only 10 songs were hit –that means you can produce an album a year with 10 great songs in it.

The Magic Is In Quantity

Yes quantity, not quality. If you keep making new music regularly and make it in big numbers, chances are you will come up with chart busting songs out of them. As mentioned above you have to focus on writing new songs every day and you have to make new music very often. The more you make the better you will get with each new song.

Learn To Let Go Your Favorite Song

Sometimes there will be time where you have put everything to one song and thought this will be a super hit. But no one ever knows which song will become a hit. It is obvious that your best song won’t be hit or the one you liked most but people didn’t like. Learn how to let go that song. Get working on a new song and keep making new music. That’s the way of making great song that people will love.

Repeating Words Are Catchy

Words that repeat in a song make it catchy and go viral. Words like “baby baby baby” or “shake it – shake it” or “BOOM BOOM” made up catchy songs and rhythm. This is a trick that musicians are using for a long time. Make sure you don’t use this on every other song you make because it can make your song a pain for the listeners and make them hate your song.

So there you have how do you make music that everybody likes, I hope it helped you and you will start making new music regularly. Please do share this post if you find it useful, thanks!

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10 Ways to Promote Music Shows

Now you are finally up for your concert, the venue is set and the booking is done now how you should promote the music show? Here I am going to write about 10 ways to promote music shows so pay attention.

The actual playing in the concert is not a tough thing but promotion is, the better you can do this the better the opportunities you will have. You have to squeeze yourself at the most to promote this thing, let’s talk further:

1. Write about the Event in Your Website

This is the first thing you should do. Post about this on your website and get the ball rolling. Your fans and friends check your website regularly so they will get notified. Write about the even in detail, where, when and how they can get a ticket –everything.

Ways to Promote Music Shows

2. Contact the Press

Create a media/press kit with your CD, band picture, bio, poster, press release and send it to the press contacts you know. Again you have to put all the details about the show and the when/where information. Make sure you have sent this info very early, at least 2 months prior.

3. Go Out and Paste Some Posters

10 Ways to Promote Music ShowsBring out the posters of this concert and stick it out to everywhere you can. Stick them near the venue and places you know where your fans are from.

4. Inform Your Mailing List

Send email about your upcoming concert to your mailing list. Let them know about the show and give them all the info. Instruct them on how to get tickets, what to do and all that make them feel special and take care of your fans.

5. Send Postcards to Your Friends or People You Know

Write a traditional letter or postcard and invite your friends to come and cheer you up. Most of the times these people may not like your music but they love to come over and watch you perform. Do this and they will love to come and attend.

6. Follow Up With the Press

10 Ways to Promote Music ShowsFollow up with the press and journalists you have sent the press release to. Call them and ask them if they are willing to do an interview with you. Ask them if they are coming to cover the concert. Follow up before the concert and make sure they have understood the details of your show.

7. Use Facebook Event

Create a facebook event for your show and ask your fans and friends to attend it. Promote the event using your website and facebook page. Create a buzz about your show and let them know what you will be performing, ask tips and get feedbacks.

8. Use a Twitter Hashtag

You can promote your show using a hashtag in twitter. Create a hashtag like #JoesShowMarch and let your audience use it to talk about the event. This will help your event to go viral and bring new attendees to your show.

9. Post an Ad to the Local Newspaper

If the music show is good and you have the money, then go ahead and post a small ad on the newspaper. Newspaper ads are costly but you should find a good deal and spot. You can put an ad to the entertainment or music section for targeted audience.

10. Use Flyers to Promote Music Shows

Flyers are piece of thin paper that you can print your concert detail for cheap and hand it to the people. It is also called handouts and these are very popular. Make sure you are at the right spot where young people are. Go and distribute the flyers outside of schools, gyms and malls. If done correctly, you will bring lots of new audience to your music show.

So now that you have read 10 ways to promote music shows, you tell me if you have any more ideas to promote your upcoming shows? What you did for the music promotion? Let me know in the comments below and please share this post!

101 Ways How to Promote Your Band

So you are serious on getting fame as a musician? Are you determined to do whatever it takes to get a life of your dream? Here I have put together 101 ways how to promote your band.

I have put together this list and put serious band promotional tips, nothing crazy. I looked through online and found a few lists where they even suggested to go naked to promote your band. But I have collected online, offline and traditional approached which are worth the try. Read along and get started with your music promotion.

How to promote your band

How to Promote Your Band

  1. Think an unique and catchy name for your band (eg: KISS, ABBA, Beatles etc)
  2. Form a street team for your band and let them help you promote your songs.
  3. Put your music on radio and ask your street team to call them to play your song.
  4. Make your song as the ringtone of your cell phone.
  5. Print some flyers and spread the word about your band.
  6. Print stickers and stick it to where you go, to the cars and bus you travel.
  7. Print your band name on tee shirts and give it away to fans.
  8. You can use a marker pen to write your band name or website address on white tee shirts.
  9. Write new songs and print the song lyrics and give it to your fans.
  10. Have a public meet up session regularly, perform and talk with your audience.
  11. Get yourself some business cards and give it to people.
  12. Go to shopping malls, parks and cafes to sing song and promote your band.
  13. Look out for places where you can perform; look for local gigs, parties and concerts.
  14. Create a mix CD with your song in it and give it to fans.
  15. Perform your music in birthdays, anniversaries to spread the word about your group.
  16. Design a logo for your band and do branding.
  17. Get your band a website. It costs less and easy, get it here.
  18. Go to cyber cafes and make your website as the homepage of these computers.
  19. If you have a physical address, get yourself a google place page.
  20. Put your website address on your CDs.
  21. Create a nice looking album cover for each of your music albums.
  22. Use facebook; create a page for your website.
  23. Make other band members as the facebook page admin to contribute.
  24. Create facebook group with similar interest (eg: rock lovers, punk music fans etc)
  25. Create a facebook event and invite your friends to come at your concert or tour.
  26. Use twitter and follow other musicians, tweet with them regularly. Use WeFollow to find these people.
  27. Blog regularly on your website, this will bring new audience to your website.
  28. Put pictures, bio and videos about your band in your official website.
  29. Update your website regularly with your latest updates, keep it active.
  30. Put a forum section in your website so your fans can participate in the discussion.
  31. Record videos of your band playing music, upload them on YouTube.
  32. Make a video blog of your journey as a music band, post them on YouTube.
  33. Put social media links in your website sidebar.
  34. Upload your music on mp3 download websites.
  35. Put twitter and facebook widget on your website so people can click and join your social space.
  36. Use MySpace to promote your music. Connect with other musicians and fans.
  37. Use google plus to promote your music, create an artist bio.
  38. Add other musicians in your G+ circles.
  39. Create a video hangout in google plus and perform your music online.
  40. Create a band page in google+ and fill it up with information.
  41. Put your music on CDBaby that will bring it on iTunes and many other digital distributors.
  42. Put your music on Spotify and ask your facebook friends to listen to it.
  43. Create a playlist of your favorite songs in Spotify and share the playlist.
  44. Upload your videos on Vimeo and promote your music.
  45. Get yourself an email auto responder system and start a mailing list.
  46. Email your fans regularly with updates and news about your band.
  47. Submit your website to music directories.
  48. Use social bookmarking sites like digg, reddit to link to your band website.
  49. Ask your fans to link back to your website.
  50. Create a digital badge for your band so people can put it on their website.
  51. Use live video streaming websites and stream your music.
  52. Connect with people around you, make new friends.
  53. Attend parties and events where you can meet more people.
  54. Keep in touch with your contacts.
  55. Attend in fund raisers or charity events, help these people out.
  56. Make a banner and put your band name and web address on it when you perform.
  57. Write new songs every time –everyday if possible!
  58. Learn how to write a press release.
  59. Build your connections with the press.
  60. Create a media kit –put your pictures, bio, contact info and a demo CD in it.
  61. Hire a press writer to write for you.
  62. Hire a music publicist who will help you with media promotions.
  63. Buy some ads in the local newspaper.
  64. Use facebook ads to drive traffic to your facebook page.
  65. Use google adsense to make promotion for your band.
  66. Participate in reality competitions with your band to publicize your music.
  67. Send your demo CDs to the record companies.
  68. Start your own record company to promote new talent.
  69. Get into online worlds like Second-Life and build your band there.
  70. Look out for open mic nights and perform.
  71. Host an open mic night yourself.
  72. Go and play your music in clubs.
  73. Go to American Idol or such talent shows by wearing your band tee-shirt.
  74. Get interviewed on local news and talk about your band.
  75. Offer music lessons, guitar lessons to kids and bring them in your street team to promote your band.
  76. Use craigslist and other online classified ad networks to make publicity for your band.
  77. Send postcard to your fans and friends about your music.
  78. Wear crazy makeup like KISS to stand out.
  79. Write articles about making better music or guitar playing tips and post them on
  80. Write a book on playing instrument; mention your band in the book.
  81. Work on your band image and make people love you and your music.
  82. Try to experiment and create better things for your band.
  83. Host a contest for your fans and give away small gifts in exchange with promotions.
  84. Go to a friend’s wedding and play your music there.
  85. Follow a recent band that got an award and follow what they did to get to there.
  86. Submit your music on music awards.
  87. Attend different festivals/carnivals with your band and the instruments to play and promote.
  88. Look out for DJ’s, RJ’s who play the type of music you do and ask them to play your song.
  89. Send your CD to local discos and pubs.
  90. Play for free in schools, charities and anywhere possible.
  91. Send your music as MP3 ringtone to your friends.
  92. Shoot a good band photo and use it on every promotional outlet.
  93. Call to radio shows that are relevant to your music and talk about your music.
  94. Use sticky notes, write your band and song name on them and post it to the store windows or such places.
  95. Print your band name on tissue papers and give it for free to the people in the street.
  96. Buy some bouncy rubber balls or tennis balls and write your band name on it. Give it to kids.
  97. Blow balloons and write your band or website names on it and give it to your fans.
  98. Write your band name or logo on fans cheeks.
  99. Sign up for a battle of the bands in your area.
  100. Get some hot girls to hang out with you; you will attract lots of people to your band!
  101. Play great music! This is the best promotion ever.

So there you go, 101 ways how to promote your band to help you with your music promotion. Always remember, have fun and enjoy your journey –it’s priceless :)

How to Promote Your Music in the Street?

Promoting your music in the street is a daring task, especially in a public place with strangers around you. It’s not an easy task but if you really want to have success you have to do it! Musicians are good at performing in their home, practice pads and in the recording studios where they are surrounded with people they know. But if you really want to make it big then you have to leave your comfort zone. Go get out there and start to promote your music in the street!

Setup a Promotional Event

Ask your band members or close friends and plan an event. For an example next Sunday you are going to that park and will be promoting your music over there. Use facebook and create an event page, ask your friends to come over and cheer you up. Tell your fans that you will meet with them, talk and perform your music. This will help you get some buzz for the event and you will see some good number of participants.

Promote Your Music in the Street

Create Some Promotional Material

Print some flyers, tee-shirts, business cards that have your brand name and logo on it. Give it to the people who are interested in your music. You can also record your music in some CDs and give it away for free. You can also bring your laptop and make them join your facebook page or mailing list. Get to know these new people and start a conversation. Ask for advice on how you can do better in your music. Ask what they like and what they don’t.

Perform Your Song for the Crowd

This is the best thing to do. Perform live in front of your audience. Sing with confidence and see the reaction. Don’t worry about your voice, it won’t be 100% as you do in your comfort zone but it will improve. Make sure you are not singing like the people do in subways where people pass and drop change in their case. Do this: ask your friends and fans to come close to you and look at you the whole time. You look only at these people not the other people who are passing by. When people realize that there is a crowd, they will come and join in as you are gaining more eyeballs. After each song, welcome these new spectators and make them feel as your friend. Give them your promotional material but don’t try to sell to them.

Rinse and Repeat

Keep doing this over and over, every time you will see that you are gaining more crowd and confidence. Take bigger challenges and perform your music in big places. Don’t ever worry about what people say to you, you do your job. As your fanbase will grow you will start to see sales and viral promotion. Go and Promote Your Music in the Street!